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As a business owner, cash management is a top priority.  We invite you to apply today for a Visa Corporate Card, the card that can play a key role in managing your bottom line.  Saving money and reducing expenses starts right away with a 0% introductory APR for six months on all purchases, balance transfers, and cash advances you make with your new Visa Corporate Card, including travel, entertaining, supplies, etc.

Take a closer look at the advantages and savings available with the most powerful corporate card you can carry.  See how easy it is to be in complete control of your finances with these benefits:

  • Track your costs and expenses
  • Centralized billing statements or individual billing statements to monitor travel and entertainment expenses
  • Choose the day of the month that your billing statement is generated
  • Option to make minimum monthly payments or pay your balance in full each month

Plus, enjoy a wide range of travel-related benefits:

  • Worldwide acceptance at more than 27 million locations
  • Call 1-800-VISA-911 in case of emergencies while you're traveling
  • Emergency cash and card replacement
  • Guaranteed room reservation service
  • Auto rental insurance* that can save you up to $13 a day
  • Medical referral assistance*
  • Legal referral assistance*
  • $500,000 automatic travel accident insurance

* Certain restrictions, conditions, and exclusions apply.  Refer to program options for complete details.

Applications are available upon request at our branch located at 12201 N. May Avenue Oklahoma CIty, OK 73120.

Business Purchasing Card

With the Visa Purchasing Card, you have in hand a one-card solution to streamline the financial management process of your business.

Free your business from the mire of requisitioning goods and services and processing invoices. The Visa Purchasing Card offers your business the advantages of paying invoices without the hassle of writing countless monthly checks.  Just receive and pay one consolidated invoice each month!

Save Time and Money

The Visa Purchasing Card aligns your company's payment program with your business' needs by giving you flexibility, all the while maintaining control over employee spending. Each month, employees receive individual statements to review, and your company pays one consolidated invoice.

With the Visa Purchasing Card, you can:

  • Cut costs
  • Eliminate paperwork
  • Expedite delivery of goods and services
  • Improve cash flow
  • Accelerate the reconciliation process
  • Manage travel and entertainment costs
  • Track fleet expenses
  • Set spending limits by department, division and employee
  • Restrict card use to specific types of purchases
  • Accommodate specialized needs, like tracking employee relocation costs, temporary services, project management and departmental expenses

Accepted Worldwide

Accepted around the world, the Visa Purchasing Card is a smart, convenient way to pay for almost any business-related transaction - from office supplies to airline tickets to purchasing spare parts.   It is also a smart financial management tool that can help you gain a consolidated picture of your company's spending through our web-based management reporting modules.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Cutting-edge technology streamlines the management of travel, purchasing and fleet data.

You can tailor the Visa Purchasing Card's web-based reporting modules to fit the needs of your business today and as your company grows. Using this data, you control your company's spending by:

  • Integrating procurement and spending data directly into your company's financial systems
  • Supporting agreements and negotiations with preferred suppliers

Account Management Module - Administrators can assign card limits, restrict spending daily, monthly or by merchant category codes, perform card account maintenance, and quickly respond to cardholders needs in real time.

Statement Management Module - Users know exactly what is being spent to date, as account summaries and activities are displayed in real time.

Expense Management Module - Managers and users can view, edit and approve transactions, along with export data and enter out-of-pocket expenses.

Reports Management Module - Administrators can integrate spending data into a company's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), general ledger or other back-office application.

Certified Browser Versions - Recommended browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 for Windows. Other compatible browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 for Windows. Please note that Internet browsers operating on the Macintosh platform are not certified or supported.

Customer Service Technology

The Visa Purchasing Card is backed by a pledge of personalized service and support for you and your business. Our associates at Security Bankcard Center, Inc. are a team of highly-skilled experts who are happily responsible for and highly capable of ensuring your success and satisfaction. From the implementation and training process, to answering questions on your Purchasing Card program, we are here for you and your company.

Peace of Mind

Visa offers, at no extra charge, the Visa Liability Waiver Program to protect businesses from eligible losses that might be incurred through card misuse by a terminated employee.

Financial Solutions

Whatever your business situation or process, we can help you find a payment solution to fit your needs with:

  • Time-saving and cost-reducing alternatives to traditional payment methods, like cash or checks
  • Streamlined expense control and management
  • Sophisticated spending analysis
  • Accurate expense reporting

Whether you are a small business with several employees making day-to-day purchases, or you manage the spending process of a large corporation, we can tailor a solution that fits your needs today and in the future.

Applications available upon request at our branch located at 12201 N. May Avenue Oklahoma City, OK 73120.

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