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Are you tired of opening your mail, sorting out the checks, standing at the copier, writing out your deposit slip, and driving to the bank?  Or perhaps you need a third-party control in your accounts receivable department?  We have the perfect answer: Quail Creek Bank Lockbox Processing!  Allow us to pick up your mail, work through the tedious and time-consuming process of your daily deposit, and simply inform you of the total money deposited into your account each day. 

With Lockbox Processing, payments to your company are routed to a post office box where they are collected and processed by our bank staff.  Each payment is deposited the same day, and all checks and accompanying documents are imaged and available for viewing and download from our lockbox web portal.  Quail Creek Bank will work with you or your staff to build custom reports, tailored to fit your needs and containing only those payment details important to you.  Contact us today for further details!  

Product benefits include:
  • Lower-cost alternative to traditional accounts receivable handling 
  • Accelerates cash collections
  • Enhances internal controls by providing separation of duties
  • Improves efficiency
  • Web-based access to imaged documents thereby eliminating paper handling and storage
  • Custom reports at your fingertips
  • Data extract capabilities which allow for automation of payment posting processes


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