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Merchant Processing

Merchant processing, or credit card acceptance, is a must with consumers' dependence upon the convenience of debit and credit cards today.  Quail Creek Bank can help setup your business to accept cards for the first time, or transition you from another processor.  Through our partnership with a local processor, we can be your primary point of contact and save you the hassle of calling 800 numbers, waiting on hold, and dealing with a different person each time you call.  Allow us to help you accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover cards to boost your collections and improve your cash flow!

Electronic Data Capture

Electronic Data Capture (EDC) provides merchants the ease of swiping or key-entering card information through a convenient terminal to process credit and debit card transactions.  Funds will be deposited within two business days after settlement.  Terminals are available for lease or purchase at affordable prices through Quail Creek Bank.  Your existing terminal may also be reprogrammed at your convenience.  


Dial Pay

With Dial Pay, merchants can use any touch-tone phone (including cellular) to authorize, capture, and settle credit and debit card transactions.  Transactions are automatically settled nightly, and funds will be deposited within two business days after settlement.

PC Software

PC Merchants are able to use personal computer software to capture and transmit transactions.  Software is available for sale, or if you already own PC capture software, please contact us to ensure compatibility with our processor.  


Web-based processing of card transactions is easy using a virtual terminal.  Security features include unique login credentials, 128-bit encryption requirements, and multi-factor authentication methods.  This multi-user system for larger companies offers batch processing, file uploads, and recurring payments, providing significant efficiencies when dealing with lots of transactions. 

We also offer a processing interface to existing payment gateways such as Authorize.net. 

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