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Have you been a victim of check fraud?  If not, consider yourself lucky!  Unfortunately check fraud is on the rise.  But Positive Pay is the best way to ensure that your checks are valid when they arrive at the bank for payment.  With Positive Pay, Quail Creek Bank will ensure that your checks arrive at the bank exactly how you issued them before we pay them, effectively stopping the payment of any unauthorized checks. 

Positive Pay will detect counterfeit checks, altered checks, unauthorized checks, voided checks, and stale-dated checks.

With Positive Pay, Quail Creek Bank compares check data provided by your business with the information appearing on checks when they arrive for processing.  In the unfortunate event that information does not correspond accurately, our staff will contact your business immediately.  Our experts will work with you to set up easy check data transfers, allowing us to assist in protecting your business from check fraud.


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