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Sweep Investment Accounts

Sweep Investment Accounts allow you to maximize your earnings on idle cash balances but allow you to keep those same funds available for daily cash needs.  Sweep Investment options vary from traditional in-house money market accounts to third-party investment products managed through Federated Investors.  the Sweep Investment Account is ideal for customers who have volatile cash positions which may be available for overnight investing but must remain fully liquid to support business operations. 

Product benefits include:
  • Ability to maximize earnings on idle funds
  • Ability to earn a competitive return on investment
  • Maintains liquidity
  • Fully automated, thus eliminating hands-on daily cash management


Zero Balance Accounts

The Zero Balance Account provides customres with a separate and distinct account for payments yet allows for funds to be automatically transferred fro ma related account upon demand.  Typically used for payroll accounts, Zero Balance Accounts provide the separate account reporting that is crucial for internal control purpose.


Targeted Balance Accounts

Targeted Balance Accounts provide customers with a separate and distinct account for payments similar to the zero balance account, yet allows for a target balance to be maintained.  This is an excellent option for expense account management when debit cards are issued on a checking account.   

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