Make miracles happen by supporting March of Dimes

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Make miracles happen by supporting March of Dimes

The Quail Creek Walk for Babies team, including Betsy in the front row with her mom, raise money during the month of April to help premature babies get a strong start in life.


During the month of April, Quail Creek Bank supports an organization that makes miracles happen for babies. All Quail Creek employees participate in a four week fundraising campaign to raise money for the March of Dimes. March of Dimes funds research to prevent premature births and funds programs to assist babies born prematurely to have a fighting chance at a healthy life.

“We raise the money to contribute to Team Betsy, which is a team started by my family five years ago after my daughter and son-in-law, Laci and Tony Perez, lost two of their triplet girls to pre-mature birth,” said Quail Creek Bank’s loan officer Richard Malone. 

“Laci went into premature labor at 23 weeks and the girls were born at 24 weeks.  Grace was still born, Olivia passed away after 5 weeks and Betsy survived.  Betsy, who was born at 1 lb. 9 oz. and was 12 inches long spent 16 weeks in the NICU at Integris,” Richard recalled.

Doctors said Betsy’s chances of survival at birth were less than 40 percent.

“She survived surgery and a very rough start to life,” Richard said.  “We're convinced that developments learned through research funded by March of Dimes played a major role in her survival.  My family, led by Laci and Tony; and now Besty, who is a healthy, happy, normal 5-year-old kindergarten student, decided to become active in giving back to march of Dimes,” he added.

Betsy stands testament to the miracles that March of Dimes provides for families and this year Betsy and the Perez family are the Ambassador Family for the March of Dimes walk.

The fundraising events at Quail Creek Bank range from silent auctions full of items donated by both employees and local businesses to selling employee lunches and desserts, as well as a miniature golf tournament, hosted at the bank, with each hole created by the employees. 

This year, we are hoping to raise $5,000 to $6,000 or more.

“Every year the bank has a friendly competition between the upstairs employees and the downstairs employees to raise money” Richard said. “Each group gets one week in the month of April to raise money by hosting meals in the bank, various fun raffles and silent auctions for things donated by employees.  For instance, the upstairs group turns the entire area upstairs into a 9-hole golf course on one Friday and the employees pay ‘green fees’ to play.  At the end of the day the top 3 scores win nice prizes.  There are various other games and prizes employees pay money for, like the most dollars raised to throw a pie in the face of an executive officer.”

Quail Creek Bank has supported this cause for several years and everybody here has enjoyed seeing Baby Betsy grow into a healthy Kindergartener. Richard said he is very happy his friends, colleagues and customers at the bank have embraced this cause.

“I guess because of the effect the loss of my two granddaughters had on me and my family and the fact I have been here for 21 years, they kind of adopted our cause,” he said.  “Quail Creek Bank has always had a family environment and the high morale and the happiness of the employees contributes to all of us being a part of one another.  Coming together as a team to make an excellent bank is what we do professionally, and that carries over into our personal caring for one another which results in caring about others families as well. 

“Losing two little girls was tragic and heartbreaking - your family always steps up and lifts you through those times and my professional, business family was no different - they are rising to that occasion every year!” Richard said.

March of Dimes is focused on research to help prevent birth defects and premature births, and support for families to give each woman the best chance to carry the pregnancy to full term as well as support for families who have experienced a premature birth.

With everybody’s help, March of Dimes works to improve the health of babies and support families if something does go wrong. For more information about March of Dimes click here.

Building Progress 04/10/2014

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The remodel of the original building is turning out even more beautiful than originally planned.  The new teller area will be worth a visit once complete! 

Qcb_4-9-14_north_offices_1 Qcb_4-9-14_north_offices_2 Qcb_4-9-14_north_offices_3 Qcb_4-9-14_north_offices_4 Qcb_4-9-14_north_offices_5 Qcb_4-9-14_north_offices_6

Building Progress 03/20/2014

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The inside of the original building is making some serious progress! 

Qcb_3-16-14_teller_area Qcb_3-17-14_north_offices_1 Qcb_3-17-14_north_offices_3 Qcb_3-17-14_north_offices_4 Qcb_3-20-14_front Qcb_3-20-14_upstairs

Building Progress 02-28-2014

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The inside of the front entry is coming along, along with the new concrete outside!

Qcb_2-28-14_bomonite_1 Qcb_2-28-14_bomonite_2 Qcb_2-28-14_bomonite_3 Qcb_2-28-14_north_offices_1 Qcb_2-28-14_north_offices_2 Qcb_2-28-14_north_offices_3 Qcb_2-18-14_front_entry_1 Qcb_2-18-14_front_entry_2 Qcb_2-18-14_front_entry_3

Quail Creek Bank to celebrate 40th anniversary in 2014

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Quail Creek Bank to celebrate 40th anniversary in 2014

In 2014, Quail Creek Bank is celebrating its 40th anniversary.

As a birthday present to us and our customers, we will be celebrating this big anniversary in style in our newly renovated home scheduled to be completed in May 2014.

“As I Look back on 40 years of Quail Creek Bank in its only location on North May Avenue, I notice the considerable development now in Northwest Oklahoma City,” said Steve Thompson, Executive Vice President of Quail Creek Bank. “When we opened, we were on the edge of town. Commercial and Residential developments have really changed the landscape. With the allowance of branch banking, a considerable number of branches now appear up and down May Avenue.”

Quail Creek Bank was chartered and opened in December 1974 and has operated as a full service community bank in its original northwest Oklahoma City location ever since.

The first official annual report for 1975 indicated an asset size of $8.6 million in the first 13 months. The bank continued steady growth during the remainder of the 1970s.

In 1982 an addition to the existing building was constructed. In its same location and with the same name, the bank continues to be a leader among all community banks in the nation. In 2013, the bank began a massive renovation project to offer a great banking environment to its customers and employees.  The changes and updates include a new state of the art drive thru banking location with the latest in teller technology. We also included space for the bank operations department and extra space needed for future operations staff.

Please stop by and check out the new facility, or follow our progress at https://www.quailcreekbank.com/newsroom.

Today, Quail Creek Bank is proud to be the 6th largest Bank in Oklahoma City and having achieved this by still only having one location. At the same time, customers have access to a full range of high tech services that allow banking from just about anywhere in the world.

“When Quail Creek Bank first opened they were just developing technology for the use of cash ATM’s,” Thompson recalled. “We were among the first to offer a Check-OK-ard.



“The continued development of technology over the last 40 years is remarkably the biggest development in banking to date.  At first, there were only drive thru banking facilities, now we have multiple ATM locations, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, and Remote Deposit all of which allow us to bank those outside of our immediate location,” Thompson added.

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