Building Progress 07/31/2013

Posted about 2 years ago by jerika@quailcreekbank.com

We have started to make the outside of the old building match the new building! Also, the old customer service area is getting a makeover too! The boardroom is finished, and some of the upstairs has been remodeled.  Moving right along! Please bear with us as we continue to make Quail Creek Bank even better!

Qcb_7-30-13_boardroom1 Qcb_7-30-13_boardroom2 Qcb_7-30-13_n1 Qcb_7-30-13_n2 Qcb_7-30-13_ne Qcb_7-30-13_nw Qcb_7-30-13_upstairs1 Qcb_7-30-13_upstairs2 Qcb_7-30-13_se Qcb_7-30-13_sw

Building Progress 07/09/2013

Posted about 2 years ago by jerika@quailcreekbank.com

Demolition day! The old drive-thru was leveled today.  We can't wait for the new look of QCB, phase 2!

Qcb_7-9-13_1 Qcb_7-9-13_2 Qcb_7-9-13_3 Qcb_7-9-13_4 Qcb_7-9-13_5 Qcb_7-9-13_6 Qcb_7-9-13_7 Qcb_7-9-13_8 Qcb_7-9-13_9

Building Progress 07/03/2013

Posted about 2 years ago by jerika@quailcreekbank.com

The old building is getting some renovation! The drive-thru is being demolished, the board room is getting a makeover, and the outside of the old building will soon match the new!

Qcb_7-2-13_1 Qcb_7-2-13_2 Qcb_7-2-13_3 Qcb_7-2-13_4 Qcb_7-2-13_5 Qcb_7-2-13_6

Building Progress 06-10-2013

Posted about 2 years ago by jerika@quailcreekbank.com

The new building is finally complete! Check out the photos!

Now for phase 2! Our current building will be renovated beginning NOW! Check out the board room before and currently!



Qcb_6-10-13_1 Qcb_6-10-13_2 Qcb_6-10-13_3 Qcb_6-10-13_4 Qcb_6-10-13_5 Qcb_6-10-13_6 Qcb_6-10-13_8 Qcb_6-10-13_7 Qcb_6-10-13_9 Qcb_6-1-13_boardroom_before_1 Qcb_6-1-13_boardroom_before_2 Qcb_6-1-13_boardroom_construction_1 Qcb_6-1-13_boardroom_construction_2

Building Progress 04-22-2013

Posted over 2 years ago by jerika@quailcreekbank.com

Working on the parking lot and the interior! We are a little over schedule, but so close!

Qcb_4-19-13_1 Qcb_4-19-13_2 Qcb_4-19-13_3 Qcb_4-19-13_4 Qcb_4-19-13_5 Qcb_4-19-13_6 Qcb_4-19-13_7_2 Qcb_4-19-13_8 Qcb_4-19-13_9_1

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