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Can I make a deposit from my smart phone? Yes, using QCB Mobile Deposit

How do I enroll for QCB Mobile Deposit? From the mobile banking tab, choose “enroll now” or click here, and complete the online enrollment form. You will be contacted by phone within 48 business hours to confirm your enrollment. In the meantime, download the Quail Creek Bank Mobile Deposit application so you’ll be ready to go when we contact you to finalize the enrollment.

How do I find the Application? From your iPhone or Android phone, visit the application store and search for “Quail Creek Bank Mobile Deposit”. The icon will have a dollar sign ($) atop our logo. We also have a mobile banking application you might want to download too. It is titled “Quail Creek Bank Mobile Banking” and will allow you to access your account information, make transfers, and pay bills among other helpful features.

How do I change my password in QCB Mobile Deposit? Following your first successful login, go to the information menu on your iPhone, or the setting menu on your Android, and choose “change password”. We strongly recommend all users force change this password immediately following their first successful login, and every 30 days thereafter.

How do I make a deposit? After you’ve enrolled with QCB and downloaded the App, you are ready to make a deposit! Endorse the back of your check(s), then log into the app using the credentials provided to you by the bank. Choose “Deposit” and follow the instructions which will walk you through entering the amount, selecting an account, and taking photographs of the front and back of the check. Upon submission, you will receive either a confirmation screen (green with the word “accepted”) or declined screen (red with the word “rejected”). If your deposit was rejected, you can attempt to deposit it again, or contact us for further information. If you’ve deposits this check before, you will not be allowed to deposit it again

Do I need a deposit slip? No, when using QCB Mobile Deposit the application will create the deposit slip for you. However, you will need to endorse the check/money order prior to depositing it.

What should I do with my checks after I’ve deposited them using QCB Mobile Deposit? After successfully depositing a check using QCB Mobile Deposit, you need to note the check as “deposited” so you do not attempt to deposit it a second time. Placing a slash mark across the face of the item using a highlighter, or placing a small notation on the face of the item such as a “D” in one of the upper corners, is a good practice. You are required to keep this original check for 30 days in case the bank needs it for final collection. If we’ve not contacted you within 30 days, you should shred the check immediately. During this 30-day period, you are responsible for the safe-keeping of this information. Please keep original checks in a safe and secure place during this time.

What if I keep receiving a “rejection” message when attempting to deposit an item? Please hand deliver, or mail, this item to the bank along with a completed deposit slip. Please note that duplicate attempts to deposit the same item will be declined. This is a safety precaution for both you, and the bank.

How quickly are my deposits available? Mobile deposits are subject to the same availability guidelines as deposits made using a teller. Deposits are picked up from our mobile deposit application every day at 8am, 10am, Noon, 2pm, 4pm, and 6pm. Deposits made after 6pm will be picked up and processed on the next business day.

How do I deposit multiple items at one time? QCB Mobile Deposit only allows you to deposit one check at a time, but QCB Remote Deposit will allow you to deposit numerous checks at one time using a flat bed scanner or a check scanner provided by the bank. Contact Lacey or Erin at #405.755.1000 for more information. Remote Deposit saves time & trips to the bank!!

Who do I contact with questions? You are welcome to contact any member of our staff at any time by calling #405.755.1000. Specific questions about Mobile Deposit are best handled by one of our Customer Service staff or feel free to contact your primary account officer. If these individuals can’t help you, they will find you someone who can!

Is there a charge for QCB Mobile Deposit? This is a FREE service for personal account holders depositing less than 20 items per month; additional items cost $1.00 each. Business account holders can use QCB Mobile Deposit for $20/mo which includes the first 40 items per month; additional items cost $1.00 each.

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